Nursing Program Exams

Entrance Exams for LPN Schools


Pre-Nursing Assessment Test—PN

The Pre-Nursing Assessment Test-PN consists of 150 items and requires three hours to complete. The three major areas of the test are:

Reading Comprehension/Reasoning Ability – 40 Questions (1 hour)

The content and reading level of exam passages are similar to the applied-science passages found in PN textbooks. Topics of the passages include nutrition, infection, safety, child abuse, exercise, etc. There are two diagnostic scores:

1. Reading comprehension–20 items.

2. Reasoning ability–20 items.

Numerical Ability – 50 questions (1 Hour)

There are three diagnostic scores:

1. Basic operations with whole numbers

(add, subtract, multiply, divide)–10 items.

2. Fractions, percents, decimals

(basic operations plus conversions of fractions to decimals & vice versa)–20 items.

3. Applying skills in actual situations

(ratio and proportion, non-algebraic formulas and conversions)–20 items.

Language Ability – 60 questions (1 Hours)

The questions involve common terms that are used frequently in nursing practice. There are three diagnostic scores:

1. Vocabulary – 20 items.

2. Spelling – 20 items.

3. Grammar and usage (sentence correction)–20 items.

DEVELOPMENT: Test blueprint developed specifically for LPN/LVN programs, based on results of a national survey. Test normed on 3408 students in 102 LPN/LVN programs.


Student report includes a total score, 3 subscores, 8 diagnostic scores, and corresponding percentiles.

School report includes spiral-bound copies of student reports, plus a summary report in optional formats (alphabetical or score order)

 EXTRAS: For exam study materials, click HERE.