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PLEASE NOTE:  Want to host the CMSRN certification exam on the October 13, 2018 exam date?The deadline has passed. To be notified of upcoming exam hosting dates, email: edie.n@cnetnurse.com
Radiology, Plastic Surgery/CANS, Urology & Dermatology special sites Application here: October 2018 Cert Host app. Application submission deadline is: Friday, July 13.
To be added to an email list that notifies you when CMSRN Special Test Site applications for our Fall and Spring dates go up on this site, send an e-mail with the subject line: “ADD ME TO THE LIST” to: edie.n@cnetnurse.com.
For information on how to host a certification exam as a special site, please see “How do I create a Special Test Site?” below. The FAQ below contains helpful information about creating a temporary Special Test Site.


Want to host a special test site for one of our other certification exams? There is one host application for all of the following test groups: Radiology, Plastic Surgery/CANS, Urology, Dermatology. The Application is available here: October 2018 Cert Host app.

Application submission deadline is Friday, July 13. 


Nephrology host sites are set up through the NNCC. Note: this application process comes with its own deadlines different from the other certification group sites that C-NET arranges. Deadlines & procedure are set by the NNCC. Click here for more information: NNCC host site information

What are Special Test Sites?

Special Test Sites are temporary exam sites that allow an organization to host the a Medical-Surgical, Radiologic, Plastic Surgical/CANS, Urologic or Dermatology exam on one of the national certification test dates.

• How do I create a Special Test Site?

Special Test Sites are created by submitting a Special Test Site Application. Applications may be submitted via fax, email or by mail. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received and are only guaranteed approval if they are received complete and by the deadline.


• Who may submit the application to become a Special Test Site?

Special Test Site applications may only be submitted by the person who will serve as the Special Test Site Contact for the exam. This individual will provide the information required in the application, and will serve as a liaison between C-NET and the exam site. The basic duties of a Special Test Site Contact are:

  • Filing the site application
  • Booking a room in their facility where the test will be administered.
  • Responding to e-mails or phone calls from staff at C-NET for matters relating to the coordination of the Special Test Site.
  • Making clear to your staff that it is their own responsibility to familiarize themselves with policies, procedures and deadlines as they relate to their registration application for their certification exam and related exam date. C-NET and the certification board we serve are not responsible for any miscommunications between Site Contacts and their staff.

• May I be both a Special Test Site Contact as well as an exam candidate at the same Special Test Site?

Yes. In filing the application to create a temporary Special Test Site, you become the contact person for that test site. Your preparation for the exam must not interfere with your ability to fulfill your duties as a contact person, but there is no conflict in taking the certification exam at a Special Test Site that you are also coordinating.

• Is there a fee to host a certification exam as a Special Test Site?

Yes. There is a $300 application fee to host a Special Test Site. A list of locations where the CBT, or computer based testing versions of some exams are already available can be seen by clicking HERE.


Currently only Nephrology, Medical Surgical and CARN exams have the CBT testing option. To visit MSNCB’s page on Medical Surgical CBT testing click HERE. For general CBT testing policies and procedures, click HERE.


• Is there a number of applicants required to host an exam at a Special Test Site?

No. There is no minimum registration requirement. (Special Test Sites may be held for as few as 1 candidate, or as many as the site can accommodate.)

• What kind of room should I book to hold the exam in, and is there a special room set-up required?

To view a separate document which details the guidelines for the type of room required to host the exam, as well as the room set-up, please click HERE.

• I’m booking a room for the exam date and need to know: How long is the exam, and what time does it begin?

Candidates are given 3-4 hours to complete their certification exam, depending on the certification being tested. If they complete the exam before that time has elapsed, they may be dismissed. The normal* exam timing is as follows:


  • Report for registration at 7:30 AM
  • Exam start time is 8:00 AM
  • Exam end is 12:00PM(Times correspond to the time zone of your test site location)

Unless you specifically request otherwise, these are the exam times that will be listed on the exam permits mailed by C-NET to the certification candidates registered for your Special Test Site. If you cannot obtain a room to hold your exams in during this time frame, you should indicate this on your application. If you discover these times are not available at your facility after you have filed your Special Test Site host application, you must contact Edie Nugent of C-NET as soon as possible (no later than a month before the exam date, please) by phone at: 800-463-0786, or by emailing: edie.n@cnetnurse.com so she can update your site information in our computer database.

*Please be aware that exam report and start times may vary by site.

• What is an Exam Manager?

Exam Managers are responsible for receiving the shipment of the exam materials, and confirming their arrival and completeness. They keep the shipment locked away until the day of the exam when they will bring the materials to the Special Test Site. The shipment includes an Exam Managers manual which explicitly describes their duties in administering the exam, from arriving at the test site and checking in the applicants through the end of the test.

C-NET will remunerate the Exam Manager (and their Proctor if applicable) of Special Test Sites for their work.


• Does C-NET provide the Exam Manager for the Special Test Sites?

The Special Test Site contact person is called upon to aid in finding a candidate to serve as an Exam Manager. Requirements for a candidate to server as an exam manager to a special site are provided below. If no such person meets the requirements, C-NET will contract an Exam Manager for the Special Test Site if notified by the site contact that they have no suitable candidates.

• Who can serve as an Exam Manager?

A candidate for the position of Exam Manager should be reliable, responsible, and not present a conflict to the integrity of the exam. By this we mean that the Exam Manager should not have any reason to sit for the exam, such as being an uncertified nurse. They should also not have helped the nurses of a special test site review for the exam itself.

• What is a Proctor?

A Proctor is an individual who assists the Exam Manager at the Special Test Site on the day of the exam. They help the Exam Manager check in applicants, pass out exam materials, and monitor the examinees should the Exam Manager have to briefly leave the room in which the exam is being given. Special Test Sites with more than 10 applicants should have someone on site at the facility on exam day to assist the Exam Manager should they need to briefly leave the exam room to make a phone call or use the rest room. If the test site has more than 20 applicants, the Exam Manager must have a Proctor to assist them. Proctors must not be uncertified nurses. Usually the Exam Manager will be asked to select their own proctor to assist them.

• Other facilities in our region would like to send their nurses to our Special Test Site, may they do so?

Yes. On the Special Test Site applications, there is a box to mark which indicates your desire to have what we call an ‘open’ Special Test Site. This will indicate your desire to have any certification exam registration applications that list your Special Test Site as their exam site accepted & processed.

• We would like to keep our Special Test Site in house, provided only for our staff. May we do so?

Yes. On the Special Test Site applications, there another box to mark which indicates your facility wishes have what we call a ‘closed’ Special Test Site. This will indicate that any certification exam registration applications submitted by nurses who are not from your staff should NOT be allowed to register for your Special Test Site.


In order to ‘close’ your Special Test Site completely:

 Please remember to include the name(s) of the Hospitals/Facilities whose nurses we may accept certification exam registration applications from for your to your staff only site in the space provided.

• How may I obtain the application to register to sit for the certification exam?

By visiting the certification board website for the exam you are hosting: MSNCB websiteRadiologic, Plastic Surgical/CANSUrologic or Dermatology

• May our facility submit a package of multiple exam applications for our facility nurses?  May our facility submit a package of applications with one check/credit card to cover that group?

Please direct these, and other nurse exam registration application questions to the general email inbox of the organization who accepts those applications.


Note that none of the organizations that receive and approved nurse exam registration application make exceptions to application deadline dates or late fee policies for Special Test Site applicants.

• May our facility host a Special Test Site on a day other than those listed?

We do not usually allow this. However; if your facility is closed (or under construction) during the stated twice yearly exam dates we may allow it. Please send an email request to: edie.n@cnetnurse.com and be sure to include a brief description of the issue that prevents your nurses from being able to test in connection with one of our the cross-national exam dates.

• One of the nurses on staff at my facility asked me to contact C-NET regarding her exam application, may I do this?

No. C-NET has a strict policy regarding the confidentiality of our exam applicants. We will not give any application information to a third party. If an exam applicant has questions regarding their application status, they must contact organization who accepts those applications.


We also ask that Special Test Site contacts do not e-mail C-NET on behalf of any exam applicant, even if asked to do so by the applicant themselves. It is important that any individual filing an exam application understands this policy and takes it upon themselves to follow up on submission of their own exam application.

• Okay, I’ve read the FAQ and I’m ready to submit an application to create a Special Test Site. Where do I get one?


The deadline to submit an application to host a CMSRN exam in connection with the 10/13/2018 exam date has passed. To be notified of upcoming host date opportunities, email: edie.n@cnetnurse.com


There is one host application for all of the following test groups: Radiology, Plastic Surgery/CANS, Urology, Dermatology. The Application is available here: October 2018 Cert Host app. Application submission deadline is Friday, July 13. 


For information on being added to an email reminder list that will alert you when the host applications are posted, see the question below. Host apps for Fall are posted in early June, while host apps for Spring are posted in November.

• How do I sign up to be reminded via e-mail when Special Test Applications go up on your site?

Send an e-mail with the subject line: “ADD ME TO THE LIST” to: edie.n@cnetnurse.com. Upon receipt your e-mail address will be added to a list of reminders twice yearly when Special Test Site applications for our Fall and Spring dates go up on this site. Please be advised: you are responsible for upholding relevant application deadlines. In addition to receiving the reminder email, you can always reference this web page to see if the applications have been posted.