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Nephrology Nurse Certifications

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CDN, CNN and CNN-NP Retake application policy:

  • If you did not pass your initial CDN, CNN or CNN-NP examination the very first time you took the exam, you may submit a One-time retake application for consideration. Qualifying One-time retake candidates have twelve months from the date of their initial exam to RETAKE the examination at a reduced rate.
    PLEASE NOTE: You must both schedule and retake your exam before the close of the twelve month deadline. This reduced rate offer and shortened application is good for the twelve months following your initial exam only. It will not be available to you on any subsequent attempts to achieve the same certification after that time.

Retake Application

Be Advised: To avoid an incomplete application fee, your application must be complete and must include the following.

1) A copy of your current RN License (print out from online lookup 


2) Correct Payment

3) If you claim a "Partner Member" discount, you must include proof

      of membership (such as a photocopy of your membership card)

ALL CDN, CNN, and CNN-NP One-time retake applications are assigned the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format. If you wish to attend a paper and pencil exam format date, these are offered only a few times per year. Please contact: for more information.


EXAM TIMING NOTE: Once a candidate submits a retake application at the reduced rate, they will be issued a CBT permit with a 90-day testing window. This window cannot be extended after 90 days without a permit extension fee, nor can a testing permit for 90 days be issued or extended beyond a year from the original exam date.


DEADLINE: To assure your application is reviewed and processed in time, we should receive your retake form at least 18 weeks prior to your 12-month testing deadline. This timeframe will allow you to be granted a 90-day testing window under the reduced retake fee and application, in keeping with the policies for CBT testing.


SUBMISSION: To submit an application for the One-Time Retake simply print out the application, attached the associated documents and credit card information and FAX it back to C-NET at 201-217-9785. 


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