Special Accommodation

Special Accommodation is provided to applicants who submit documentation of a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Applicants may request Special Accommodation by submitting the following items together:

  1. Exam Application & Fee
  2. Special Accommodation Application (SAA)
    1. Section 1 is to be completed by the exam applicant.
    2. Section 2 is to be completed by a professional that diagnoses and/or treats the applicant in connection with their disability. (i.e.: a special education professional, doctor, psychiatrist, etc.)

Download SAA HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Exam dates are determined by the Special Accommodation Dept. exam schedule and are subject to availability.

Submit all application materials to:

Special Accommodation Dept.
601 Pavonia Avenue, Suite 201
Jersey City, NJ 07306