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PSI Notice Regarding Scheduling

Be Advised: Each test you take with PSI must first be approved by C-NET. If you've not received approval, check the status of your certification application with C-NET at 201-217-9083 or before continuing.

Approval Letter

Create Account


If this is the FIRST time you are testing through C-NET, you must begin by creating an account on the PSI portal using the link provided below.  Candidates who were initially registered to test before August 23RD, 2022, might have been affected by a recent system-wide update initiated by PSI. To proceed with scheduling, those candidates should DISREGARD the previous PSI scheduling link they received and use the instructions and link below.


             Follow the instructions below to create a new account and/or schedule your exam appointment. 


To book your exam, please follow these steps: 

A) First, you will need your Candidate ID number. This number is located in your PSI approval email and is required to create a NEW account. 

B) From here, you can schedule by phone (by calling PSI customer service at 833-207-1289) or online by following the instructions below. Creating an account online provides the most flexibility for scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling exam dates.


To schedule online, visit our website at 

  1. FIRST, create an account using the link in the upper right corner of your screen. The link looks like this: 

  2. After clicking the “Sign In/Create Account" link, you will be prompted to sign into an existing account. However, you should only access an existing account if it was created after 9/1/2022. Otherwise, you must create a NEW account by clicking the  “Create Account” link, which is underlined in the printed instructions. Be advised, to avoid issues, you may need to provide a NEW email address.

  3. After creating a NEW account, select the Tests tab and find your test highlighted under the GREEN BAR. 

  4. Click on your test and proceed to "Continue Booking". 

  5. Book your test. 


Availability is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have questions concerning a booking, email PSI directly at If, after following these instructions, you are still unable to create an account, contact C-NET at 201-217-9083 and we can schedule you by phone.

Best wishes for the success of your exam!  

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