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*Updated Office Hours for C-NET:

      New Jersey has posted four phases for state-wide reopening. As of  June 15TH 2020, New Jersey has entered PHASE 2. This means that much of  

      C-NET's staff has now returned to the office. However, until PHASE 2 restrictions are lifted, our staff, phone service, and "in-office" hours will

      be limited to comply with the local social distancing ordinance. However, we will continue offering customer service and application processing

      by EMAIL between 9 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday.


*C-NET Phone Hours:

      As of June 15TH, 2020, C-NET customer service will also be available by phone on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (from 10 AM to 4 PM). For

      faster application processing, we currently recommend that you email your application to along with a credit card payment


*Permit Extensions, Expirations, and Retests

      At this time, C-NET will grant a free permit extension if you are unable to test before your examination permit expires. If you have an open

      permit window, but you are not able to schedule a test date because your testing site is not yet open, please contact C-NET by email no more     

      than TWO WEEKS before your permit expiration date, and we will extend your testing window free of charge.

*How long until the exam site closest to me reopens? 

      Please be patient as individual exam site locations must meet both state and local ordinances, as well as rigorous sanitation procedures, before

      reopening to the public under social distancing protocols. For more details on specific exam sites, see "TEST SITE INFORMATION" above.


*What if there are no open test sites near me after I've been registered to test?

      Naturally, the current outbreak of COVID-19 has caused major disruptions across the United States and the world. Even so, C-NET is dedicated to

      getting you tested as quickly and as safely as possible. If there are no exam sites currently available in your immediate area, C-NET will extend

      your testing permit upon request and you will not be charged an extension fee. To receive an extension, you must email your request to no more than two weeks from your permit's expiration date. Also, if your permit has expired anytime within the last three

      months, we will be happy to issue you a new one upon request (and free of charge). 

*How long can I wait to schedule my examination?

      Once you have been registered to test by C-NET, our testing partner, PSI, will email you a scheduling link to active test sites in your area. If you

      are able, we suggest you schedule as soon as possible as current social distancing requirements may force some locations to book at only half

      of normal capacity. More test sites will continue to open as local quarantine conditions allow.


*What if I show up for my scheduled test date and the testing center is closed?

      Our normal procedure requires that you be contacted immediately if there are any changes to a specific test site in which you are currently

     scheduled. However, these are unprecedented times and since we prioritize the safety of our candidates first, it is conceivable that an emergency

      closure of a site could happen before all scheduled candidates are alerted. Naturally, should this unlikely scenario take place, we ask for your

      patience and understanding, and want you to know that you will be afforded every accommodation to retest at no charge. 


*How is testing being handled for semi-annual or quarterly permit holders?

      If you were issued a semi-annually or quarterly examination permit that expired between March 21ST, 2020, and April 28RD, 2020, you will

      automatically be issued a new permit (via email) for the next available testing window. For upcoming testing schedules, check out your

      certification's exam page on this website

*How do I submit my application by email?

      C-NET is currently processing all paper applications being submitted by email. Applicants may either scan their applications or use their cell     

      phones to take pictures of their documents before emailing them to C-NET. Be sure to include a credit card payment (VISA or MASTERCARD


*Conferences and Paper & Pencil Testing

     Check your certification board's/membership organization's conference website for information regarding any postponement. 

*CMS 18-Month Rule Waiver

     The 18-month rule for dialysis technicians, which states that all chronic care dialysis technicians must become certified within 18-months of

     being hired, is part of the CMS’s End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Conditions for Coverage regulations/requirements. According to the public

     health emergency (PHE) for COVID-19, as declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) under section 319 of the Public Health

     Service Act (42 U.S.C. §247d): 


     The decision to waive the 18-month rule requirement for dialysis technicians remains in effect and "will likely remain in place for the entirety of   

     2021. When a decision is made to terminate the declaration or let it expire, HHS will provide states with 60 days’ notice prior to termination".


     While it is likely that this waiver will persist until the end of the national health emergency, the decision to renew the waiver is reevaluated every

     90 days.  


     *ESRD Conditions for Coverage Waiver Renewal

     Last renewed on 2/19/2021

     Next Evaluation Date: TBD


     Be advised that there is currently no provision to granting additional time past the health emergency, and dialysis facilities are expected to be in 

     compliance when the health emergency is lifted.


List of Currently Opened Test Sites

C-NET has resumed testing (meeting social distancing requirements)  in various locations throughout the United States in accordance with federal and state guidelines and will continue to adds sites as they become available. Once you have been registered to test by C-NET, PSI will send you a link to active testing locations in your area.



            Read THIS before clicking the link below:

      •     For an up-to-date list of which sites are open, CLICK HERE.

      •     For a list of FAQs about PPE and other COVID-19 implemented 

            precautions at PSI test sites, CLICK HERE.


during a national health emergency


Information regarding scheduling

and tentative site closures during 

the current

COVID-19 outbreak


Information Specific to CCHT/CCHT-A Technicians

(Technicians with Federally Mandated Certifications)

*Current Testing for Essential Workers 

      Due to the morbidity rate of their patient population during the 

      COVID- 19 outbreak, the Department of Homeland Security has 

      identified the role of "Hemodialysis Technician" (whose certification is

      federally mandated) as essential under the Guidance On The

      Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.  As such, PSI has opened a

      number of testing sites (in sheltered-in place locations) for immediate

      CCHT testing. Once you've been registered to test by C-NET, PSI will 

      send you a link to active testing locations in your area.