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APHN-BC: Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse - Board Certified

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Offered by:

American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC)

811 Linden Loop

Cedar Park, TX 78613

785.267.0943 (Voice)

Accredited by:

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  • Unrestricted, current U.S. APRN license

  • A master's degree or higher in nursing

  • One year (2000 hours) of holistic nursing practice within the last five years, which includes a minimum of 500 hours as a licensed APRN*

  • 48 CE hours in Holistic Nursing Theory, Research, Practice, or related topics

  • Graduate of nationally accredited Graduate Nursing program


Preparation for the Exam

It is the responsibility of the individual to prepare for the exam. The two primary resources are the Core Practice Competencies of Holistic Nursing and the AHNA Scope and Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice. Examination items are developed to test the Core Practice Competencies of Holistic Nursing. The basic competencies may be found as an appendix in the Core Essentials for Basic Holistic Nursing. The advanced competencies may be found as an appendix in the Core Essentials for Advanced Holistic Nursing. To obtain the AHNA Scope and Standards of Holistic Nursing, click here.


Expectations and Responsibilities

Only nurses certified by AHNCC may use the designated credentials. Nurses may NOT use the credential when the nurse has:

  • Not completed the Certification or Recertification Process consistent with the level of competence

  • A restricted, inactive, or withdrawn license

  • Requested inactive status, or

  • Certification has been withdrawn by AHNCC.

*Holistic Nursing Experience

  • For your holistic nursing experience to be considered acceptable, you have to have been employed as a licensed APRN for a minimum of one year (2000 hours) within the last five years, practicing within the context of AHNA's Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Nursing Theories consistent with holistic nursing philosophy. Holistic Nursing is not dependent on one's ability to use modalities or alternative therapies, but rather on how you show up in your practice and work with your clients. If your philosophy is holistic, then you practice holistically. The best source of information about holistic nursing is provided in AHNA’s book (3rd edition), Holistic Nursing: The Scope and Standards for Practice. Additionally, you may click the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) button below to find out more.

Holistic 4

Handbook - Application - Study Materials:

Exam Fee:

Exam Fee 3.PNG

CBT Scheduling:

“Step 1 and Step 2 of the application process must first be

approved before scheduling an exam. Once approved, you

will be emailed a link allowing you to choose and exam date, time and location. Simply follow the link to book your exam. All exams are offered in the Computer-Based Test (CBT) format. To find a CBT site near you, click the “Test Sites” button at the top of this website. CBT testing is year-round.

Retaking the Exam:

** More information will be coming regarding re‐testing for the APHN‐BC examination in the near future.

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