One-time Retake Application:

Addiction Nursing Certifications

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Addictions Nursing Certification Board (ANCB)

Care of C-NET

35 Journal Square, Suite 901

Jersey City,NJ 07306

201.217.9083 (Voice)

201.217.9785 (Fax)

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CARN & CARN-AP Retake application policy:

Candidates who do not pass the CARN or CARN-AP examination on their first attempt have ONE YEAR from the date of their initial exam to retest using one of the simplified applications below. If the candidate does not pass the examination the second time, the candidate must complete a standard application for all future attempts.


These First-Time Retake applications may be used only once. Applications postmarked in excess of the ONE YEAR mark shall not be considered.

First Time Retake Applications 





In addition to mailing, First Time Retake Applications may also be faxed or emailed to C-NET.


FAX: 201-217-9785*

* When faxing documents to C-NET, it is recommended that you contact C-NET within 24 hours by phone to confirm that your fax was received. 


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